About Naoko Komagata Moller

              The presenter for the workshop is Naoko Komagata Moller, a Japanese cooking connoisseur, food activist, and ESL Educator.

              Born in a Buddhist temple in Japan, Naoko was raised in Hawaii and in Japan. She obtained an MA from Birmingham University in the United Kingdom, majoring in English as a Second/Foreign Language (ESFL), and studied at Rudolf Steiner College in Sacramento, California. 

Naoko operated an English School in Japan for over 20 years, and also worked as a teacher-trainer.  She then moved back to Hawaii and taught Japanese language and Japanese culture at Honolulu Waldorf School.  Naoko is currently producing an online “English as a Second Language” program.

Naoko is a culinary expert, and is kept busy conducting cooking workshops and giving lectures all over the world, mostly regarding Zen Buddhist vegetarian cooking, vegan cooking, and Japanese fermentation. She currently enjoys an off-the-grid life in Northern California with her husband.

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