Zen Meditation (Zazen)

Do you want to relieve stress, but you’re not a Buddhist? It’s okay, come sit with us!

What is Zazen?

Zazen is a meditative discipline that is typically the primary practice of the Zen Buddhist tradition. In general, it can be regarded as a means of insight into the nature of existence.

Do I need to be a Buddhist to sit in Zazen?

Absolutely not! Everyone, no matter what their religious beliefs may be, should try to make meditation a part of their lives. The practice of Zazen is to make you a better self.

What is the Zazenkai?

The Zazenkai is a group that sits together in Zen meditation. They support one another in the practice of Zazen.

When does the Zazenkai meet?

The Zazenkai meets every Tuesday from 6:00 am to 7:00 am in the Taiheiji social hall.

Please check the latest Taiheiji Bulletin or contact Rev. Shuji at 808-488-6794 for the monthly Zazen schedule.

I don’t have any experience sitting in Zen Meditation. May I still join the Zazenkai?

The Zazenkai is open to everyone. No experience necessary. If you’d like, you may call Rev. Shuji to schedule an appointment for beginning instructions in Zazen, kinhin (walking meditation), and general etiquette.

Zazen Etiquette

All participants are to arrive a few minutes early and be seated before beginning time. Please refrain from talking. While at Taiheiji, participants are asked to abide by the following five precepts, which promote the harmony and wellbeing of the Zazenkai.

  • Refraining from killing and harming living beings
  • Refraining from taking that which is not given
  • Refraining from causing harm through sexual misconduct or inappropriate behavior
  • Refraining from false speech, harmful speech, gossip, and slander
  • Abstaining from drugs, tobacco and intoxicants that cause carelessness or loss of awareness

Please dress comfortably and in a way suited to visiting a spiritual place. Please do not use strong fragrances during Zazen. Outside food and drink, with the exception of water, are not permitted. You may select either a chair or zafu (cushion) on which to sit.

Zazenkai Donations and Dues:

A small offertory bowl will be put out on the table. Your donations are greatly appreciated. You are also encouraged to (but not required to) officially join the Zazenkai. Monthly dues for the Zazenkai are $40 and will be used to support Taiheiji and the meditation group. Thank you for your kind support.