Taiheiji History Book

“Soto Mission of Aiea Taiheiji: Our First 100 Years, 1918-2018”

This history book is different from other history books. As preparations for the temple’s centennial celebration in 2018, we strongly felt that it was imperative that we attempt to preserve whatever we could about the temple’s past. From these early discussions, it became more and more apparent that while compiling dates, events, and inserting photos make for a very informative read, it is the firsthand accounts of and stories of those associated with the temple that make Taiheiji such a special place. In trying to create a piece of work that would give readers a window to look into the past, we were all pleasantly surprised to discover that this book gives us guidance and encouragement as we look to the future. This book gives us a renewed purpose to remember the past as we step into the future.

The Soto Mission of Aiea has a very rich history that is intertwined with the lives of people near and far, past and present. The stories and experiences of the Soto Mission of Aiea members and supporters tell a beautiful story worthy of sharing.

Please contact Rev. Shuji to learn how you can get a copy of our history book and join us as we try to further our good work at the Soto Mission of Aiea.