Nokotsudo Niches Available

Very recently, a very limited number of niches were made available at Taiheiji. To date, only one available niche remains. Please contact Rev. Shuji at 808-488-6794 for more information.

Taiheiji’s Columbarium is a beautifully crafted, peaceful, and serene room that houses many dearly departed Taiheiji members and their loved ones.

Columbarium fees:

  • Columbarium niche acquisition: $4500
    • Each niche can house four urns (sometimes five depending on urn sizes).
  • Large family Ihai: $2000 (estimate)
    • Each niche is required to have a large ihai (memorial tablet).
    • This large family ihai is made in black lacquer with gold name engravings.
    • The ihai is ordered from Japan and will vary depending on current pricing and yen exchange rate.
  • Annual maintenance donation
    • Each January, the $100 maintenance donation is due. The donation is used to upkeep and improve the Nokotsudo for years to come.
    • You may also opt to make a larger one-time donation for “lifetime maintenance.” (Suggested minimum donation is $2000)