The Soto Mission of Aiea Activity Center

Coming soon in 2023!!!

Taiheiji is able to take on the construction of the Soto Mission of Aiea Activity Center through the generosity of its members and supporters. Read on to learn more about how you can be a part of this historic project!

Your tax-deductible donation to the New Building Construction Fund will help pay for the construction of the new Soto Mission of Aiea Activity Center! Donate today!

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Taiheiji offers a wide variety of activities to temple members and the community. In addition to the temple that serves the religious needs of the members and families of Taiheiji, the social hall and Japanese School building currently accommodate various extracurricular activities offered to people of all ages.
Although the Japanese School building and minister’s residence have served the temple for nearly a century, there are costly major repairs and upgrades needed to improve the structures. As Taiheiji looks to grow and increase its positive presence in the Aiea community, the more sustainable option and viable solution for the future is the construction of the Soto Mission of Aiea Activity Center—a new two-story multipurpose building. In addition to providing a new and upgraded home for many of our existing activities, the new building’s footprint better utilizes the limited space on the temple property. On the second floor, two activity rooms will provide the ample space for various groups to use simultaneously. There are plans to open a Zazendo (meditation hall) with enough space to accommodate more than 20 practitioners. There will also be a large meeting room with seating for over 50 people.
As part of our continued commitment to serve both our temple members and community, plans are underway to open on the ground floor the Taiheiji Adult Care Center. This modern facility will provide a friendly, comfortable, and nurturing environment for our kupunas of the temple and Aiea community. With plans to accommodate up to 30 clients, we are confident that the Taiheiji Adult Care Center will make a positive difference in people’s lives.

Computerized rendering of the Soto Mission of Aiea Activity Center