Memorial Services

The observance of memorial services is a very important part of the Buddhist practice. We use this time to remember our departed loved ones and ancestors with love and gratitude. We remember the ways in which they enriched our lives and pray for their continued peace. Prayers are also made for the well being of the family. This is the traditional custom of properly honoring the deceased.
If possible, the first memorial service should be conducted just before the first year has passed. For subsequent memorial services, the memorial services should be conducted before the beginning of the particular memorial year.
For example: using the date of passing (meinichi) as a starting point, the seventh year memorial service should be held right before the sixth anniversary after passing.

Memorial Services Years (Nenki)

1 Year Service

3rd Year Service

7th Year Service

13th Year Service

17th Year Service
23rd Year Service
27th Year Service
33rd Year Service

Memorial service offerings that are traditionally brought to the temple by the family:

 Ihai (Wooden Memorial Tablet)
 Photo of the deceased (optional)
 Flowers (non-thorny, of any color, cut or potted)
 Food offerings (osonaemono) – sweets or fruits
 Osaisen Small monetary offering by everyone
attending the service (place in the offertory chest)
 “Ofuse,” or Donation to Soto Mission of Aiea
Average “Ofuse” donation amount is $150
 “Orei,” or Discretionary Gift of Appreciation
Average “Orei” amount is $150 to Minister
It is customary to place monetary “Ofuse” donation to
temple and “Orei” to minister in separate envelopes