Click below to take of your annual membership quickly and easily online.

Click below for a printable membership form. Please complete and submit with membership dues to: Soto Mission of Aiea, PO Box 926, Aiea, HI 96701.

Annual membership dues for the Soto Mission of Aiea are $100.00 a year per household. Being a member of the temple gives you immediate access to ministerial and ceremonial services such as blessings, marriages, memorial services, and funerals, to name a few. Joining the membership is a positive expression of dana (giving) and shows your confidence in and commitment to the Soto Mission of Aiea. Your contributions enable us to look optimistically to the future in sharing and spreading the ideals of the Buddha-Dharma. Most importantly, it offers you a place to practice the path and to embrace the sangha (spiritual family) in a tradition founded on teachings of wisdom and compassion.

You may be wondering what privileges current membership include:

  1. Use of social hall for private functions. (Donations are gratefully accepted)
  2. Taking the Precepts & receiving one’s Buddhist name in a Soto Zen Buddhist Lay Confirmation Ceremony.
  3. Immediate, 24-hour access to services of resident minister, Rev. Shuji Komagata.

Special Notes:

  1. Members become eligible for use of social hall after two years of consecutive membership. Spouse and underage children are included in one’s temple membership.
  2. Adult children, grandchildren, etc. of temple member are encouraged to submit their own membership form.
  3. If membership dues are not received for 2 consecutive years, the membership will be considered resigned or inactive.

If you have any questions regarding the membership benefits, please feel free to contact Rev. Shuji with your questions.