Recycling at Taiheiji

Taiheiji offers different ways in which you can give to the temple. Collect your empty aluminum cans, plastic and glass bottles and drop them off at Taiheiji. You are helping the temple and creating a more sustainable future for our community and the world through recycling!

How does it work?

The Hawai‘i Deposit Beverage Container Program (HI-5) is a State of Hawai‘i funded program that places a 5¢ redeemable deposit on each qualified beverage container. Why throw away your recyclables when you can donate it to Taiheiji? Just look for the HI 5¢ label on your glass, plastic and metal containers, and drop them off at Taiheiji. We will take the recyclables to the redemption center to get cash back for the temple and help protect the environment at the same time.


  • NO CAPS: Please remove the caps from the bottles.  Caps should not be included when redeeming by weight.  Caps may also be made of different materials and currently not collected for recycling.  Please toss your caps in the rubbish.
  • Look for the HI-5 mark on beverage containers: soft drinks, soda, juice, tea, coffee drinks, water, beer, malt beverages, mixed spirits and wine coolers in metal, glass or plastic containers up to 68 fluid ounces.
  • They must be empty of liquid and debris removed.
  • Please leave the HI-5 label visible on beverage containers, usually located on the top of aluminum cans and the container label on the plastic and glass bottles. If the label falls off, it can be placed inside the container with the HI-5 label visible.
  • Please separate your containers prior to dropping them off at Taiheiji. Containers must be separated by type: glass, plastic, aluminum, bi-metal.
  • Please contact Rev. Shuji at 808-488-6794 to schedule a drop off date and time, have any questions, or need assistance in getting your recyclables to the temple.