In February, Nehan-e, or Parinirvana, is held. It was on February 15 that Shakyamuni Buddha died near the town of Kushinagara on the banks of the Hiranyavati River. A large scroll depicting the Buddha entering Nirvana is hung in the temple and a ceremony expressing our gratitude to the Buddha is performed. It is said that at the time of his death the Buddha was sleeping on a bed that had been prepared between two sal trees; his head to the north, his face to the west, and his right hand for a pillow. At that time, white flowers bloomed on the sal trees and fell continuously. Many of his disciples, the king and his family, men and women of all ages, and even birds and animals gathered, sighing with sadness. The Buddha gave his last discourse, expounding the fundamental truth – even though the physical body dies, the Dharma (the teachings) is eternal; in order to see the Buddha, it is necessary to see the Dharma. In this way, he taught his disciples the precepts and the way they should maintain the practice of Buddha’s Way. This last sermon is called the Yuikyogyo.